Monday, March 31, 2008

Where's Wendy???

So, does anyone know what Happened to Wendy???.....

Monday, March 24, 2008

(excerpt from Chelsea Stebar)

I visited my old home town yesterday. It was a really surreal experience. You see, I grew up in a small, sheltered town in Utah. But I moved to Atlanta about five years ago. Now, I'm going to school out here in Utah and my sister has been visiting this week, so we took a day-trip down to our old home town.

It was a strange feeling, seeing my old house with someone else's cat in the window, driving down those same streets I had traversed so often as a kid. I knew them so well, and yet I had the unshakable impression that I didn't belong there anymore. I knew exactly where I was and who used to live where, but so much had changed. I had a set image in my mind of what everything was supposed to look like - the way I remembered it - but of course, a lot changes in five years.

I sure am glad I moved to Georgia when I did. I learned so much and met so many amazing people in Georgia. My life is so different now. Going back just made me realize how much I would have missed out on had I stayed in Utah.

But good gravy is it beautiful down there.

( From Chelsea's site on DeviantArt dated March 21,2008)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bonding Time

This last week has been full of family time for me. Jacquie's been here in Provo and we visited Aunt Rachel's family on Sunday and went to Morgan on Wednesday. It was really great to go see Aunt Rachel, Uncle Jeff, Clint, and Derek again. We even got to see Amber and her adorable little son, Nathan.

Jacquie wasted no time in re-bonding with all the kids. We had some fun reminiscing with Clint about the good ol' days when he used to come to our house in Morgan. We all got a good laugh remembering the salted watermelon incident... Then we had dinner, watched The Office, and made Easter sugar cookies. It was quite a lovely day. :)

So then on Wednesday we went out to Morgan where we visited with Aunt Sandi's family and Grammy and Papa. It's so crazy how much older our cousins have gotten. Of course, I'm sure they thought the same of us. But Morgan is just as fabulously beautiful as ever. Jacquie and I drove up to Mountain Green for a while and visited with some people there, like the Smiths and the Mayhews. It was great to see old friends again. It's so strange to think how many of the people we used to go to school with are married now, especially for Jacquie. From what we heard, there are only a couple of her old friends left single. But we had a good time experiencing flashbacks together as we drove up the Highlands and around "The Loop" where we used to ride our bikes as kids. And of course, we visited our old house. Man, I miss that house. I don't so much miss living in Morgan, but I miss living in that house on that mountain-top with that view. But I am really glad we moved to Georgia. I'm a totally different person now than I was when we left. I like my life and myself much more now.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jacquie on BYU Campus

Jacquie is using her Spring break from school (West Georgia has theirs before Easter) to visit Chelsea at BYU this week. She has spent time with friends, visited with the Binghams and their two darling little boys and for an extra treat, Amber Coop stopped by with her little Nathan and visited for awhile. Jacquie spent an evening at Divine Comedy, Sunday went to a BYU ward, FHE group on Monday, and today attended the devotional with featured speaker Richard G Scott. She's also finding out why they call Provo the dating capital of the world.
Tomorrow her Grandparents, Toye and Russell Stebar (who are visiting with Rusty and Sandi Stebar this week) are coming to pick them up to spend a day back in Morgan to see their cousins and Aunt and Uncle and visit with some old friends there.
I can't wait to hear Jacquie's version of all this when she gets back home on Saturday night. G'night for now. WS

Monday, March 17, 2008

Day One

I am brand new at this so there may, indeed, be an awkwardness to the way this probably sounds... however, I have always cringed at the lame excuses I hear from others as they apologize for themselves and their perceived short comings before they even begin a task... I surely don't want to sound like somebody like that!
So, here begins my smart and insightful recordings of the great and oh so interesting comings and goings of the Stebars.
Jeff- Currently in New Orleans giving wonderful and informative seminars about the future of sustainable building trends in the world of higher education. Riveting!
Brian- Holding his 4 point GPA at Georgia Tech and recently offered a (paid) research spot in the College of Computer Science. He has his sights set on the Rhodes Scholarship. We'll let you know how that turns out.
Jacquie- Currently spending Her Spring break in Provo with sister, Chelsea. Still plugging away on her Psychology BS at West Georgia and maintaining the Hope Scholarship that pays her tuition. Yeah! She is set to graduate in July and has decided to serve a mission, hopefully planning to embark on that next adventure in August. She'll be a GREAT full time missionary. She is already an exemplary member missionary, and her testimony is Rock Solid.
Chelsea- Artist and Animator Extraordinaire. She loves the "Y" and has found the animation program that BYU has to offer a great fit for her above-average talents. (That's right!) She got all As her first semester and, with the 25 AP credits she began college with, she is currently ranked as a sophomore. See, it really does pay off to take those AP classes.
Hannah- She's Happy as a Bird and sings Disney songs around the house to prove it. She's on everyone's favorite friend list because she's so much fun and has followed in her sister Jacquie's tradition of becoming the reigning entertainer of our family. Her everyday happenings seem magical when she tells us about them. She's a sophomore at SCHS and is smart about making these high school years count so she can choose wherever she wants to go to college.
Ali- Eleven and on the brink of Young Womanhood. She sings, she draws, she plays the trumpet, she bikes with her sister, Hannah, and accompanies her on many an adventure in the woods behind our house. Her goal is to be someone Amazing and, as for now, is leaving all her options open.
McKinley- 11/2 year old Saint Bernard, big and still growing. Hairy, droowley, but sooo sweet.
Hunter- Daschund, obnoxious, for the most part. He thinks it's his job to keep McKinley in line. Meanwhile, McKinley thinks he's a chew toy.
Pouncer and Clover- Brother cats. Native born in Utah but air lifted to Georgia when we moved here five+ years ago. Distinguished in their formal black and white fur attire. Garage dwellers for the most part except on lovely sunny days when they choose to warm themselves in the southern sun.
Meeko- Hannah's newest, coolest Guinea pig. And if you were one who didn't believe guinea pigs could have much personality , then you have never had the pleasure of meeting one of Hannah's.Maybe it's because of Hannah's extraordinary ability to relate to animals that makes these furry little creatures so expressive and fun to watch.
Me (Wendy)- Menopausal... and I don't mean a person who carries her young in a front pouch. I just
have a front pouch.