Friday, April 4, 2008

Here I Am!

I have been discovering all the amazing things I can do with my new digital camera.
Jeff and his parents
got it for me for Christmas... and my Birthday (It's a REALLY nice camera) but I kept going back to my faithful old 35mm camera because I knew it so well. I wasn't sure how difficult it would be to learn how to get the pictures I wanted with this new fangled digital thing.
But this camera is so easy to use. One morning with the zoom lens on and it was like opening up a whole new digital world! It's so liberating! I don't have to wait for that perfect shot before clicking my shutter anymore because I don't have to worry about wasting film ever again. And being able to load my pictures directly onto my computer has completely changed my life.
Here is a sampling of what I shot early Tuesday morning in Peachtree City. Spring comes early here in Georgia and everything is budding and blooming. I know the humidity and insects are soon to come, but right now it's pretty nice.

The running path by the Peachtree City library is a favorite starting point for a lot of runners in the area - Jeff included. (although, that is not Jeff in this picture. This guy is a totally random, nameless runner, who just happened to be passing by.)
Jeff would only be a blur going past because he is so much faster than this guy.

If you look closely you can see droplets of the morning dew still wet on the petals of these flowers.

Wow! This pinecone just jumps right out at you!

I was so amazed that I could even capture the spider thread shimmering in the morning sun. How Magical!
This is what the Dogwood blossoms look like up close. They are blooming everywhere and line many of the nicer residential streets. They're beautiful but they are also the reason why people with allergies are miserable throughout this season.
I thought this was cool how you can see the sun shining through the petal of this flower.
Most of these shots I took pointing up into this blossoming tree while I was standing underneath.
This was a clump of decorative grass. Some incredibly skillful horticulturalist carefully grew it to look this way on purpose.

I don't know what kind of plant this is... butI thought it was pretty.
This wee little plant is growing out of the massive gnarled trunk of this tree.
When the sun shines through a squirrel's ears, they look almost transparent.
Through these woods is a walking path that leads to Lake Peachtree.
It is lovely in its own way.
Okay, so I couldn't get as close to my bird as Chelsea could get to hers...
but I DO like the cool branch stuff in this shot.
Ducks and Geese! I took tons of pictures of the ducks and geese ... however, the geese didn't swim off as fast so I got more of them.

Look, this goose and his reflection make a heart!
I was intrigued by how intact and perfect the seeds on this dandelion looked...
and wondered how much longer it could possibly hold onto them.
But, the wind is calm today... so maybe a bit longer.
This leaf is hanging on for dear life. I like the contrast it makes against the budding tree branch.


rachelmbingham said...

Wow! That is a lot of amazing should sell all those pictures, or publish a book about nature and photography in Georgia. You are an artist too.

Shelli said...

Another talent I didn't know you had. My favorites are the woodsy walking path and the sun shining through the flowers petals. Beautiful!!

Chelsea Stebar said...

These pictures are amazing!!! I immediately envy that camera. You just wait till I get home....

And I actually like your bird picture better than my most recent one. I love how it's all silhouetted and how the branches are blurred out. You've got the most awesome depth of field in so many of these.

Hard core camera envy, for sure.

Jacko said...

The pics are great Mom! You should spend more time doing stuff like this. Maybe you could take a photography class at the local college or something, just to learn more about it and I'm sure you would love it!