Friday, May 2, 2008

Whirlwind Trip

I made a quick trip to Provo to help Chelsea move into her Spring term housing (which she will only be needing for less than two months) We were crazy enough to think that moving from her third floor apartment into another third floor apartment would be no big deal... WRONG!!!! My legs felt like wobbly stems of jello long before the job was done. My only regret is that I took no pictures. My camera stayed back in my car.( I didn't want to add another thing to be carried up and down the stairwells.) Her room mate, Autumn Pando, is just as wonderful as I thought she would be - and such a hard worker! She was so patient and easy going, even though (I'm sure) she was just as worn out as either one of us.
Thank Heavens for their friend, Stephanie, at day's end to come to our rescue with fresh legs (Yes, those legs of hers were extremely fresh) and single handedly carry their new 20" TV up the three flights of stairs for them. What a woman!
Brian has wiped this computer clean, installed windows Vista (very nice), and is going to put back my files (only the ones I truly need, mind you) and then I can add some of the pictures I took while at Rachel's house before my flight back home. Brian is up now (he was working on installing new programs until late, late last night) so he wants me to get off now so he can start work on this computer again. He finished his last final for the semester earlier this week - so he now has the time to do this for me. (We had so much stuff on this computer that there was very little hard drive space left and it was taking so long to do anything.) I'll post again later. Bye


Chelsea Stebar said...

I just read this with both Pando and Stephanie. We all got a good kick out of it. Hahah.

Rachel Bingham said...

So did Jeff get home okay?