Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bonding Time

This last week has been full of family time for me. Jacquie's been here in Provo and we visited Aunt Rachel's family on Sunday and went to Morgan on Wednesday. It was really great to go see Aunt Rachel, Uncle Jeff, Clint, and Derek again. We even got to see Amber and her adorable little son, Nathan.

Jacquie wasted no time in re-bonding with all the kids. We had some fun reminiscing with Clint about the good ol' days when he used to come to our house in Morgan. We all got a good laugh remembering the salted watermelon incident... Then we had dinner, watched The Office, and made Easter sugar cookies. It was quite a lovely day. :)

So then on Wednesday we went out to Morgan where we visited with Aunt Sandi's family and Grammy and Papa. It's so crazy how much older our cousins have gotten. Of course, I'm sure they thought the same of us. But Morgan is just as fabulously beautiful as ever. Jacquie and I drove up to Mountain Green for a while and visited with some people there, like the Smiths and the Mayhews. It was great to see old friends again. It's so strange to think how many of the people we used to go to school with are married now, especially for Jacquie. From what we heard, there are only a couple of her old friends left single. But we had a good time experiencing flashbacks together as we drove up the Highlands and around "The Loop" where we used to ride our bikes as kids. And of course, we visited our old house. Man, I miss that house. I don't so much miss living in Morgan, but I miss living in that house on that mountain-top with that view. But I am really glad we moved to Georgia. I'm a totally different person now than I was when we left. I like my life and myself much more now.


Amber said...

It was so good to see you girls! If you ever need anything I'm close by too. Just call or email me.

rachelmbingham said...

My boys love their cousins...It was so fun to have them over Sunday. Chelsea and Jacquie are so fun and sweet. Clint loves it whenever Chelsea comes over. He thinks she is funny...and of course, we all think Jacquie is funny too.
Chelsea, come back over soon!!!

Wendy Stebar said...

Chelsea, i am so glad that uo added all this stuff to the details of your visits.