Monday, March 17, 2008

Day One

I am brand new at this so there may, indeed, be an awkwardness to the way this probably sounds... however, I have always cringed at the lame excuses I hear from others as they apologize for themselves and their perceived short comings before they even begin a task... I surely don't want to sound like somebody like that!
So, here begins my smart and insightful recordings of the great and oh so interesting comings and goings of the Stebars.
Jeff- Currently in New Orleans giving wonderful and informative seminars about the future of sustainable building trends in the world of higher education. Riveting!
Brian- Holding his 4 point GPA at Georgia Tech and recently offered a (paid) research spot in the College of Computer Science. He has his sights set on the Rhodes Scholarship. We'll let you know how that turns out.
Jacquie- Currently spending Her Spring break in Provo with sister, Chelsea. Still plugging away on her Psychology BS at West Georgia and maintaining the Hope Scholarship that pays her tuition. Yeah! She is set to graduate in July and has decided to serve a mission, hopefully planning to embark on that next adventure in August. She'll be a GREAT full time missionary. She is already an exemplary member missionary, and her testimony is Rock Solid.
Chelsea- Artist and Animator Extraordinaire. She loves the "Y" and has found the animation program that BYU has to offer a great fit for her above-average talents. (That's right!) She got all As her first semester and, with the 25 AP credits she began college with, she is currently ranked as a sophomore. See, it really does pay off to take those AP classes.
Hannah- She's Happy as a Bird and sings Disney songs around the house to prove it. She's on everyone's favorite friend list because she's so much fun and has followed in her sister Jacquie's tradition of becoming the reigning entertainer of our family. Her everyday happenings seem magical when she tells us about them. She's a sophomore at SCHS and is smart about making these high school years count so she can choose wherever she wants to go to college.
Ali- Eleven and on the brink of Young Womanhood. She sings, she draws, she plays the trumpet, she bikes with her sister, Hannah, and accompanies her on many an adventure in the woods behind our house. Her goal is to be someone Amazing and, as for now, is leaving all her options open.
McKinley- 11/2 year old Saint Bernard, big and still growing. Hairy, droowley, but sooo sweet.
Hunter- Daschund, obnoxious, for the most part. He thinks it's his job to keep McKinley in line. Meanwhile, McKinley thinks he's a chew toy.
Pouncer and Clover- Brother cats. Native born in Utah but air lifted to Georgia when we moved here five+ years ago. Distinguished in their formal black and white fur attire. Garage dwellers for the most part except on lovely sunny days when they choose to warm themselves in the southern sun.
Meeko- Hannah's newest, coolest Guinea pig. And if you were one who didn't believe guinea pigs could have much personality , then you have never had the pleasure of meeting one of Hannah's.Maybe it's because of Hannah's extraordinary ability to relate to animals that makes these furry little creatures so expressive and fun to watch.
Me (Wendy)- Menopausal... and I don't mean a person who carries her young in a front pouch. I just
have a front pouch.


rachelmbingham said...
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rachelmbingham said...

Wow Wendy! I am really excited to see your blog! I wish I would have taken some pictures of Jacquie and Chelsea when they were here last night. They are so sweet and fun...we don't see Chelsea very often, but we are always happy when we do. We got Jacqui up to speed on the office, and we made some Easter Cookies, and Amber and Nathan stopped by too.

This world of blogging is pretty fun, but unfortunately it is also pretty addicting. Derek is taking a nap right now, but I have a sink full of dishes and a dryer full of laundry, but I would rather waste time on the computer. But keeping up with family is not a waste of time. But sometimes I do feel like I lose track of it sometimes

rachelmbingham said...

And what a cute little guinea pig!!!

Shelli said...

Wendy, Thanks for inviting me to view your blog. Your family is amazing, so many talents and accomplishments. I know you must take great joy in that. And you always have been a excellent writer. I need to learn how to make a blog, its fun to read about each other's families, and share the goings on. You should check out Amber's blog. It is creative and cute. (
You made me laugh out loud with the pouch comment. I can totally relate!!! Love you. Shelli

Wendy Stebar said...

I don't know how to "do" a blog either. Rachel and Amber,I believe are the pros in this arena. I'm an amateur, starting today. Wendy

Amber said...

Hey Aunt Wendy-
I'm so excited you started a blog too! I love it, and yes it has become a total addiction. As you may be able to tell (it's 10:30 and I'm supposed to be getting ready for bed but instead am blogging). It was fun to see Jacquie and Chelsea the other day. We had fun catching up. I'm glad everyone is doing well in your fam. Now we can keep in touch.
Love you,